Live Here

Abbeyfield House is a companionship housing program for 11 independent seniors and fills the gap between independent living and assisted living.  Independent living means you need minimal assistance with day-to-day activities like getting dressed, bathing, eating, and taking medications. If you need a little assistance temporarily while recovering from an illness or injury, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements.

As a resident, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, come and go as you please, and invite friends and family over for a visit.

All suites are bachelor style suites that have enough room for a single or double bed, a comfortable chair, dresser, tv, and small fridge. The ensuite bathrooms our quite roomy and all are wheelchair accessible.

Tenants are permitted a small fridge and a microwave, however, no stoves or burners are permitted. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and doing their own laundry. Onsite laundry facilities are available.

Monthly rent includes meals, utilities, cable TV, internet, and parking, if required. Private telephones or cellphones are the responsibility of each individual tenant.

Some off-street parking is available. Tenants who choose to access electric plugs during the winter months are charged a fee from November to March inclusive.

Each tenant is provided with a locked storage area that is 4′ by 5′ located in the lower level of the house.

No pets are allowed to live with the tenants.

Abbeyfield Saskatoon has a wonderful event space located on the lower level that tenants can book to celebrate birthdays or other occasions with family and friends.

If you are over the age of 60, and can live independently, we encourage you to consider applying.  Abbeyfield encourages applicants to keep their former housing arrangements available until they feel settled.